Umami Keystone Umami Powder adds the umami mushroom flavor to your daily diet and brings a rich flavor to your meals with mushroom powder seasoning.

So what exactly is umami?

Many chefs describe the umami characteristics as mild and subtle, with a persistent lingering taste.

Umami's fundamental properties include its ability to spread across your tongue and impact the aftertaste of foods and its lingering umami powder flavor. It is a prominent ingredient that symbolizes Japanese dashi culture, and shiitake mushroom powder is a natural part of Japanese people's lives. Umami also allows for the sustained secretion of saliva, allowing us to swallow food smoothly.

Umami signals to the body that we have consumed protein and facilitates the smooth digestion and absorption of protein. Using umami powder as a substitute for salt can be an excellent lifestyle choice as it allows for the reduction of the salt content of meals while not compromising its flavor.

Mushrooms are a great source of umami, and when they are dried, their guanylate (natural salt) content increases, which boosts their umami mushroom flavor. This is the power of mushroom seasoning.