Umami powder is made from the highest quality shiitake mushrooms grown in Takachiho Town's forests, Miyazaki. They are carefully cultivated and harvested by local farmers to create the umami mushroom powder seasoning.

Storage Environment

To maintain the quality and fragrance of shiitake mushrooms, they are stored in a controlled environment of no more than 15°C at room temperature and 55% humidity.


To make shiitake mushroom powder, the shiitake mushrooms are dried at 240℃ for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. This is because guanylic acid, a component of umami, sharply increases when dried in an environment over 60℃.


There are many different types of umami powder ingredients. We mix several of them, which is said to increase the umami mushroom aroma up to 30 times.

Domestic Production

Umami Powder is committed to producing only purely domestic mushroom seasoning products from cultivation to drying, processing, and packaging.


At the time of umami mushroom powdering, we manage our products in compliance with the 12 processes according to HACCP standards. We conduct food hygiene management based on the "ISO/TS 22002-1" program to maintain food safety.