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Umami Keystone Umami Powder adds the umami mushroom flavor to your daily diet and brings a rich flavor to your meals with mushroom powder seasoning.

So what exactly is umami?

Many chefs describe the umami characteristics as mild and subtle, with a persistent lingering taste.

Umami's fundamental properties include its ability to spread across your tongue and impact the aftertaste of foods and its lingering umami powder flavor. It is a prominent ingredient that symbolizes Japanese dashi culture, and shiitake mushroom powder is a natural part of Japanese people's lives. Umami also allows for the sustained secretion of saliva, allowing us to swallow food smoothly.

Umami signals to the body that we have consumed protein and facilitates the smooth digestion and absorption of protein. Using umami powder as a substitute for salt can be an excellent lifestyle choice as it allows for the reduction of the salt content of meals while not compromising its flavor.

Mushrooms are a great source of umami, and when they are dried, their guanylate (natural salt) content increases, which boosts their umami mushroom flavor. This is the power of mushroom seasoning.







Umami powder is made from the highest quality shiitake mushrooms grown in Takachiho Town's forests, Miyazaki. They are carefully cultivated and harvested by local farmers to create the umami mushroom powder seasoning.

Storage Environment

To maintain the quality and fragrance of shiitake mushrooms, they are stored in a controlled environment of no more than 15°C at room temperature and 55% humidity.


To make shiitake mushroom powder, the shiitake mushrooms are dried at 240℃ for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. This is because guanylic acid, a component of umami, sharply increases when dried in an environment over 60℃.


There are many different types of umami powder ingredients. We mix several of them, which is said to increase the umami mushroom aroma up to 30 times.

Domestic Production

Umami Powder is committed to producing only purely domestic mushroom seasoning products from cultivation to drying, processing, and packaging.


At the time of umami mushroom powdering, we manage our products in compliance with the 12 processes according to HACCP standards. We conduct food hygiene management based on the "ISO/TS 22002-1" program to maintain food safety.








We are currently offering 100g of content.

Although the exterior is made of kraft paper, the inside is made of aluminum, which blocks sunlight, so there is no risk of deterioration.

The product is delivered in kraft paper. Because they are manufactured in Japan and distributed and sold all over the world, there may be some wrinkles during international transportation, but this does not affect the quality of the product.

When selling on, the products are shipped from the warehouse in each country. Please note that shipping method from other sales outlets will vary depending on the sales outlet.

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With the realization that there were almost no mushroom powder seasonings that bring out the essence of umami to its fullest extent, Global Brand, Inc. decided to remedy this.

As a company that provides Japanese food products to the world, we realized it was time To put the production of Umami Powder into place. Umami Powder is a product that allows for the blending of umami mushroom flavors.

Our manufacturing bases are located in Japan, where umami was first discovered, and all processing and manufacturing is completed under the unified " Made In Japan "system. This allows us to produce products without compromising the original flavor of umami.

As an all-purpose spice, umami powder can be used as a mushroom seasoning in various dishes and as a tasty addition to meals after cooking. In particular, it is a perfect match for steak (beef), cheese, tomatoes, fish, fish Sauce, Eggs, Fermented Food, And Fermented Seasonings, Which Have A Synergistic Effect With Their Umami Components.

We Use Carefully Selected Dried Shiitake Mushrooms From Miyazaki Prefecture In Japan, Which Are Certified Kosher, And We Grind Them At Our HACCP-Compliant Factory.

We hope you will enjoy our shiitake mushroom powder product as a "secret ingredient" that maximizes the flavor of your dishes.

Manufactured by:

Globalbrand Inc.
Dai7 Imura BLDG 3F, Kaminagoya, Nishiku, Nagoya city, Aichi, JAPAN

Common Misconceptions About Umami Products

Global Brand Inc's umami products include an all-purpose spice that can be used as a mushroom seasoning in various dishes and as a tasty addition to meals after cooking.

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Umami: All You Need To Know

This is an all-purpose spice and can be used as a mushroom seasoning in various dishes and as a tasty addition to meals after cooking. In particular, umami powder is a perfect match for steak, cheese, tomatoes, fish, fish sauce, eggs , fermented food, and fermented seasonings, which have a synergistic effect with their umami components.

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