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With the realization that there were almost no mushroom powder seasonings that bring out the essence of umami to its fullest extent, Global Brand, Inc. decided to remedy this.

As a company that provides Japanese food products to the world, we realized it was time To put the production of Umami Powder into place. Umami Powder is a product that allows for the blending of umami mushroom flavors.

Our manufacturing bases are located in Japan, where umami was first discovered, and all processing and manufacturing is completed under the unified " Made In Japan "system. This allows us to produce products without compromising the original flavor of umami.

As an all-purpose spice, umami powder can be used as a mushroom seasoning in various dishes and as a tasty addition to meals after cooking. In particular, it is a perfect match for steak (beef), cheese, tomatoes, fish, fish Sauce, Eggs, Fermented Food, And Fermented Seasonings, Which Have A Synergistic Effect With Their Umami Components.

We Use Carefully Selected Dried Shiitake Mushrooms From Miyazaki Prefecture In Japan, Which Are Certified Kosher, And We Grind Them At Our HACCP-Compliant Factory.

We hope you will enjoy our shiitake mushroom powder product as a "secret ingredient" that maximizes the flavor of your dishes.

Manufactured by:

Globalbrand Inc.
Dai7 Imura BLDG 3F, Kaminagoya, Nishiku, Nagoya city, Aichi, JAPAN